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Soccer The Brazilian Way (STBW) excels at 
training young players to become soccer stars

A Company that offers the Brazilian approach to teaching soccer, bringing you all the characteristics of modern Brazilian soccer in a fun atmosphere.


Soccer in the United States has evolved from a recreational activity primarily for young children, to a serious sport for pre-teen and teenage athletes. The phenomenal growth in number of children participating in soccer attests to the sport?s popularity in this country. With this growth has come increased demand for high-level training and coaching. Soccer the Brazilian Way (STBW) has as its objective to improve and develop young players using techniques and methods developed in the world?s top soccer programs.


Soccer The Brazilian Way founded by Gus Donolo began operating in January 2000 with Gus as Director of Training, who played professionally in both Argentina and Brazil. In addition to his impressive skill and the wealth of knowledge developed from years of playing soccer at the highest levels, Gus is know for his unique coaching and training methods and teaching techniques.


The ability to teach is just important for a trainer, as are his or her athletic skills. Gus was chosen to run STBW?s training programs not only for his soccer skills, which allowed him to play professionally in the first division, but because he has demonstrated excellence as a teacher of young athletes. He has impressive communication skills and is multi-lingual with proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in three languages - English, Portuguese and Spanish. He was the perfect choice for this company


STBW has added twenty two (22) more trainers /coaches during the course of the years. They underwent a program of extensive training under the direction of our Director of Training to insure that they me STBW?s standard of excellence.


Our objective at STBW is to bring the techniques and skills of the Brazilian and South American style of training and playing - a system that has produced some of the world?s greatest soccer players and teams to America - to improve the way the game is taught and played in this country.

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